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An Escape Room Card Game

Even 6 ours of gameplay

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Escape Tales: The Awakening ist ein neues, auf dem Escapespiel basierendes Brettspiel mit großem Nachdruck auf die Fabel. Im Gegensatz zu traditionellen Rätselräumen sind wir zeitlich nicht begrenzt - wir sind darauf konzentriert, die Fabel zu entdecken, neue Rätsel zu lösen und wichtige Entscheidungen zu treffen.


3-6hours of gameplay

12+age 12+


Jede Lokalisierung ist offen. Das heißt, die Spieler können die Spielbereiche in beliebiger Reihe frei erforschen und auf diese Weise neue Rätsel zum Lösen entdecken. Es gibt mehrere Möglichkeiten zum Verlassen der konkreten Lokalisierung und solche Entscheidungen werden die ganze Fabel beeinflussen.


In diesem Spiel sind wir sehr stark auf die Fabel fokusiert - auf die Geschichte, die so spannend und interesant ist, dass die die Spieler in die neue Welt versetzt. Auf die Fabel, die im Kopf für viele Tage bleibt und die Lust auf mehrere Handlungen erweckt. Die Fabelstruktur gibt den Spielern so viele Emotionen und führt in solche Spielimmersion ein, damit er möglich wird, bewusst zu spielen und darauf aufmerksam machen, was sie treffen oder sehen. so wie ein guter Thriller - das Spiel spannt bis zum Ende auf die Folter.


Weil jede Entscheidung die Fabel beeinflusst, haben wir auch mehrere Möglichkeiten des Fabelendes. Rätsel die wir lösen; Weg, den wir folgen; Interaktionen, die wir während des Spieles durchführen; alle von diesen Elementen üben den Einfluss auf das von uns entdeckte Ende aus. Wir hoffen, die Spieler hätten Lust auf alle möglichen Enden.

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Players will be taking a role of Sam, whose daughter is in a coma for over 2 months and doctors still cannot explain how this happened or what caused it. According to them everything is fine with the girl, she’s healthy and she shouldn’t be in this condition.
Sam, like in most of these cases, is desperate and looks for the answer everywhere he can - this leads to weird meeting with Mark. Mark’s son was once in a similar situation and he was able to help his son and wake him up. He gave David a scary looking book and said that inside this book he will find a ritual called The Awakening. But he warned him - he needs to prepare himself mentally, since this ritual will transfer him into another dimension, where he should be able to find his daughter and understand what is the cause of this state. If he’s lucky enough, then he will be able to wake her up as well. Sam took the book and have been keeping it for over a week. Finally, he’s ready to go into the basement and perform a ritual. Are you ready?


  • 122 Spielkarten
  • 9 Karten des Verderbens
  • 18 Karten der Lokation
  • Tagebuch
  • 18 Aktionstokens
  • Mobile app (Android, iOS)



"Zrobili to w taki sposób, że nie pozostaje nic innego, jak pogratulować wspaniałego produktu, podziękować za umilenie tych kilku godzin" - read the full review
"Escape Tales: Rytuał Przebudzenia” to świeże podejście do tematu escape roomów w grach planszowych. Bawiłem się przy grze doskonale, a po pierwszym zakończeniu historii zapragnąłem powtórki." - read the full review
"Dla fanów planszówek i „escape roomów” jednocześnie „Rytuał przebudzenia” to pozycja praktycznie obowiązkowa." - read the full review


The Dice Tower - read the full review
"But since the mechanics of the game and its puzzles are so well constructed, this is an easy game to recommend for serious escape room and puzzle fans. I want to see more games try this!" - read the full review
"The simplest way would be to say that it is a cross between a Choose Your Own Adventure book and a puzzle book with app integration." - read the full review


"Escape Tales: The Awakening offers exactly what we are looking for in real escape rooms. Challenging puzzles embedded in an involving story. Actually you can escape to another world in which decisions are important and you have a goal that is far more than just escaping from a room. All these elements make Escape Tales: The Awakening the best Escape Room game at home." - read the full review

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  • How many times can I play this game?

    To be honest - we believe you can play it twice. During first game you will not visit every location, see every puzlle nor hear all aspects of the story. That's why you can play second time, make different choices and explore different parts of locations. Second playthrough will take less time (1-2 hours, depending on choices and pace of the game), becouse core of the story and many puzzles will repeat, yet you'll uncover different branches of it and probably find different outcome.

  • Can i play it alone?

    Of course :) As all decision are made in cooperation, there is no difference in mechanics between playing solo or in cooperation. Just play however you prefer.

  • Do i have to destroy anything during the game?


  • Are there any punishments for taking hints?

    No. This game is all about the story and puzzles are embedded into it for your pleasure. That's why we've decided that no app activity (other than giving right answer) should affect the story anyhow. So if any puzzle frustrates you or is simply not to your liking - don't hesitate to take a hint or even skip it entirely by taking all the hints up to the answer. Remember to have fun! :)

  • How hard is this game?

    It depends on your preferences. If you like difficult puzzles you will surely love some of them. If you are more casual player, you can just take a hint or two here and there and have easy adventure that's all about a story. Just play however you prefer.

  • Can i play it with my 8 years old daughter?

    You can, but we believe that you shouldn't. Theme of this game is really dark and sad and gets really emotional the longer you play. Because of it we believe that younger children can misunderstand many things or get too emotionally absorbed by sad emotions. Of course you know your children best, so we leave it up to your choice, but our recommendation is at the very least 12 years old.

  • Can I use the app on an older mobile phone?

    To use our app you just need modern browser. If your mobile phone is capable of running for example Chrome or Safari - you are set. Older versions of browsers may show some graphical glitches, but they shouldn't disturb your play. From commonly used mobile browsers, we only know about Internet Explorer that is not compatible with our app and unfortunately we will not be able to fix it - please use Edge or Chrome or Firefox if possible. IMPORTANT! This app is also PC friendly. All you need is type in a modern browser and it will just work.



Board & Dice ,

Game Designers

Jakub Caban, Bartosz Idzikowski, Matt Dembek

Art design

Magdalena Klepacz , Paweł Niziołek, Jakub Fajtanowski


Szymon Stoczek, Matt Dembek

Social Media

Board Game Geek

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In matters related to distribution and licenses, please contact:

Filip Głowacz

Board & Dice co-owner


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